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AM Live

AM Live, WSMI's Monday morning talk show is hosted by WSMI's Ag Broadcasters and covers topics of interest to local farmers and those who work in agribusiness.

Am Live! with Randy Prange   06/10/2013

Am Live! with Randy Prange  06/03/2013

AM Live! with Randy Prange  04/29/2013

AM Live! with Randy Prange   03/18/2013

AM Live! with Randy Prange  03/11/2013

AM Live! with Randy Prange  02/25/2013

AM Live! with Randy Prange  02/11/2013

AM Live! with Randy Prange  01/21/2013

AM Live! with Randy Prange  01/14/2013

AM Live! with Randy Prange  01/07/2013

AM Live Archives

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Wednesday Morning

The Wednesday Morning Talk Show covers a broad range of topics. Tune in to hear what's going on in Mid-Illinois.

Wednesday Morning Talk Show  08/27/2014

Wednesday Morning Talk Show  08/20/2014

Wednesday Morning Talk Show  08/13/2014

Wednesday Morning Talk Show  08/06/2014

Wednesday Morning Talk Show  07/30/2014

Wednesday Morning Talk Show  07/23/2014

Wednesday Morning Talk Show  07/16/2014

Wednesday Morning Talk Show  07/09/2014

Wednesday Morning Talk Show  07/02/2014

Wednesday Morning Talk Show  06/25/2014

Wednesday Morning Talk Show Archives

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Sports Saturday

Sport Saturday with hosts Tim Mize, WSMI Sports Director, Terry Todt, & David Jenkins. The show keeps things moving with phone calls from area coaches, guest appearances from members of the WSMI sports staff, and area atheletes. Sports Saturday keeps you informed about local high school sports with some College and Pro sports thrown in for good measure. Don't miss it!

WSMI Sports Saturday  08/23/2014

WSMI Sports Saturday  08/16/2014

WSMI Sports Saturday  08/09/2014

WSMI Sports Saturday  08/02/2014

WSMI Sports Saturday  07/26/2014

WSMI Sports Saturday  07/19/2014

WSMI Sports Saturday  07/12/2014

WSMI Sports Saturday  07/05/2014

WSMI Sports Saturday  06/28/2014

WSMI Sports Saturday  06/21/2014

Sports Saturday Archives

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HS Sports Coverage

WSMI Sports is the place to find our sports broadcasts, including the play by play of that big game.

Baseball: Gillespie vs Pleasant Plains  05/29/2014

Baseball: Nokomis vs New Athens  05/28/2014

Softball: Litchfield vs Williamsville  05/27/2014

Baseball: Nokomis vs Morrisonville  05/24/2014

Baseball: Gillespie vs Carlinville  05/24/2014

Softball: Litchfield vs Southwestern  05/24/2014

Baseball: Mt. Olive vs Morrisonville  05/22/2014

Baseball: Litchfield vs Gillespie  05/22/2014

Baseball: Nokomis vs Lincolnwood  05/21/2014

Baseball: Carlinville vs Hillsboro  05/21/2014

HS Sports Archives

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Curt Hicken, outdoor broadcaster and writer, keeps listeners informed about area hunting and fishing conditions. Curt will share information on the lake conditions, the best fishing locations, the fish that are biting, and the baits that are working in area waters. And when your mind turns to hunting, be sure to tune in Curt Hicken! WSMI Outdoors with Curt Hicken is a weekly program broadcast on Tuesdays during hunting and fishing season on WSMI.

The WSMI Outdoors Program  08/26/2014

The WSMI Outdoors Program  08/19/2014

The WSMI Outdoors Program   08/12/2014

The WSMI Outdoors Program  08/05/2014

The WSMI Outdoors Program  07/29/2014

The WSMI Outdoors Program  07/22/2014

The WSMI Outdoors Program  07/08/2014

The WSMI Outdoors Program  07/01/2014

The WSMI Outdoors Program  06/24/2014

The WSMI Outdoors Program  06/17/2014

Outdoors Archives

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Horse Program

The Horse Program is a weekly program that features equine advice and information. It's hosted by WSMI's Ag Broadcaster, Angela Boesche.

WSMI Horse Program w/ Angela Boesche  08/23/2014

WSMI Horse Program w/ Angela Boesche  08/16/2014

WSMI Horse Program w/ Angela Boesche  08/02/2014

WSMI Horse Program w/ Angela Boesche  07/26/2014

WSMI Horse Program w/ Angela Boesche  07/19/2014

WSMI Horse Program w/ Angela Boesche  07/12/2014

WSMI Horse Program w/ Angela Boesche  07/05/2014

WSMI Horse Program w/ Angela Boesche  06/21/2014

WSMI Horse Program w/ Angela Boesche  06/14/2014

WSMI Horse Program w/ Angela Boesche  06/07/2014

Horse Program Archives

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AMC is a weekly show, alternating "Around Macoupin County" hosted by Rick Davis and "Around Montgomery County" hosted by Tobin Ott. AMC features a variety of topics and activities from right here in Mid-Illinois!

AMC: "Carlinville's Revitalization "  08/23/2014

AMC: "Rockin Out Breast Cancer"  08/16/2014

AMC: "Macoupin County 4-H Program"  08/09/2014

AMC: "Pheasants Forever Banquet"  08/02/2014

AMC: "Macoupin County Ag Foundation"  07/26/2014

AMC: "Christmas In July in Nokomis"  07/19/2014

AMC: "Summer Repertory Theatre"  07/12/2014

AMC: "Big Dawg Dare"  07/05/2014

AMC: "4th of July Festival"   06/28/2014

AMC: "Raymond Homecoming"  06/21/2014

AMC Archives

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The Forum

The Forum is WSMI's weekly public affairs program and features topics that listeners and area leaders have told us are important. Issues like education, clean drinking water, sewage treatment, road & bridges, health, local & state government, jobs and job services, zoning, & various counceling and support programs are covered each week on The Forum with alternating hosts Rick Davis and Tobin Ott.

The Forum: "Social Security"  08/23/2014

The Forum: "Carlinville Water Supply"  08/16/2014

The Forum: "Passport To A Healthy Life"  08/09/2014

The Forum: "Passports & Obtaining One"  08/02/2014

The Forum: "Elder Abuse"  07/26/2014

The Forum: "2014 General Election "  07/19/2014

The Forum: "Panhandle School District"  07/12/2014

The Forum: "Proposed 1 Percent Tax "  07/05/2014

The Forum: "State Rep Wayne Rosenthal"  06/28/2014

The Forum: "Master Gardeners Tour"  06/21/2014

The Forum Archives

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Interviews & Specials

WSMI broadcasters Tobin Ott, Rick Davis, Randy Prange and others interview area residents and experts about topics that are of interest to Mid-Illinois.

Macoupin County Farm Bureau Report   08/23/2014

Macoupin County Farm Bureau Report   08/16/2014

Macoupin County Farm Bureau Report  08/09/2014

Macoupin County Farm Bureau Report  08/02/2014

Macoupin County Farm Bureau Report  07/26/2014

Macoupin County Farm Bureau Report  07/19/2014

Macoupin County Farm Bureau Report  07/12/2014

Macoupin County Farm Bureau Report  07/05/2014

Macoupin County Farm Bureau Report  06/28/2014

Macoupin County Farm Bureau Report  06/21/2014

Interviews & Specials Archives

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