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Spring 2022 Anhydrous Ammonia Safety Schools

Listed below are the upcoming spring anhydrous ammonia safety schools.  Please click here to register for the classes.  The NH3 safety schools are offered through the combined efforts of IFCA and the Illinois Department of Agriculture.  This training meets the requirements of the certified competent attendant which requires training at least every three years.


February 21-Bloomington-Asmark Agricenter

February 22-Charleston-Unique Suites

February 23-Marion-The Pavilion

February 25-Effingham-Effingham Events Center

March 01-Mendota-Civic Center

March 02-Galesburg-Knox Agricenter

March 03-Quincy-Holiday Inn

March 04-Springfield-Poes Catering

March 14-Bloomington-Asmark Agricenter