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Local News

Litchfield City Council Considering Trash Pickup For Residents

(Litchfield)--A long discussion regarding the City of Litchfield providing trash pickup for residents took place during the Litchfield City Council meeting Thursday night. According to Litchfield Police Chief BJ Wilkinson, the project will help keep trash pick up on a consistent basis in the city. Wilkinson says Allied Waste expressed interest in the project. Under the discussion, the pick up service would be added to the persons water bill, and would be provided to every residential resident in the city.

After a ten minute demonstration, the City Council approved to establish a committee consisting of City Clerk Denise Lueker, and Aldermen Harold Ellinger, Pat Timmons, Bill Dees, Bob Ostendorf, and Alderwoman Marilyn Sisson to explore the service.

Litchfield Mayor Tom Jones also asked City Administrator Andie Ritchie to send the project out for bids to compare rates.

Bills Pulled

Bills for an upcoming Illinois Municipal League Conference in Chicago were pulled when the City Council considered paying bills. Alderman Harold Ellinger pulled the bills on the conference. According to Ellinger, the City Council pulled any trips to Chicago during the budget hearings. However, several Aldermen expressed confusion on if the exclusion only meant City Council members, or all city employees.

West Side Fire Station Extension

The City Council also approved an extension of the West Side Fire Station by ARCH Helicopter. Final consideration will take place during Tuesday nights City Council meeting.