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Local News

Boom Mystery Solved

Tuesday's late morning boom caused quite a stir, not just in Mid-lllinois, but even louder in Peoria, Bloomington, Springfield, Decatur.  The boom was even heard in the Metro-East. It wasn’t an Earthquake, or meteorite but a sonic boom caused by a F-15 Eagle fighter jet.  That was confirmed yesterday by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency and the Federal Aviation Administration out of Kansas City.  The Boeing F-15-E Strike Eagle fighter jet was going through an acceptance flight for the Department of Defense.  The sound barrier is around 770 miles per hour, but the Strike Eagle aircraft blew past that mark, reaching 1148 miles per hour.  The sonic boom was felt over a wider area because the pilot was flying at 38,000 feet, more than seven miles above the ground.   While sonic booms can occasionally break a window here and there, no damage was reported across Mid-Illinois.