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Local News

Litchfield City Council Approves Sewer Rate Increase

(Litchfield)--During the Litchfield City Council meeting Tuesday night, Litchfield Fire Chief Michael Quint honored Gary Law for twenty years of service as a paramedic, and Robert Beechler with a service pin.

Weaver Request

Rodger Weaver addressed the city council regarding the condition of Lake Lou Yaeger. According to Weaver, the lake was supposed to be dredged, but the city backed out of the plan. He requested the one hundred and fifty thousand dollars of funds, that was orginally going to dredge the lake, be put back into the project. No action was taken by the city council.

Tyler Avenue Water Main Project

The Litchfield City Council approved a bid by Baxmeyer Construction for the Tyler Avenue Water Main Project. The cost of the project is over one hundred and fifty four thousand dollars.

Douglas Street Pump Station Project

The Litchfield City Council approved a bid by Haier Plumbing and Heating for the Douglas Street Pump Station improvements. The cost of the project was one hundred and twenty seven thousand dollars.

Change Orders

A long discussion regarding change orders to the membrane system at the water plant also took place. According to City Engineer Ted LaBelle, fifty thousand dollars worth of change orders were needed for the system. Alderman Tim Hancock asked why this was brought up now and not earlier in the process. The city council approved the change orders in a five to two vote, Alderman Tim Hancock and Harold Ellinger voting no.

Sewer Rate Increase

The Litchfield City Council also approved a three and a half percent increase to the city's sewer rate. The measure passed four to three, Alderman Tim Hancock, Harold Ellinger, and Alderwoman Marilyn Sisson voting no.

Closed Session

The Litchfield City Council then went into closed session for personell, no action was taken took place when the council came back into open session.