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Local News

More Cuts Proposed for the Hillsboro School District

(Hillsboro)--More budget cuts were proposed during a special Hillsboro Board of Education meeting Tuesday night. Assistant Superintendent Kyle Hacke presented a proposal for the board. Under his plan, the salaries for the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent would be reduced by 10 percent; Principal's and Assistant Principal's salaries would be reduced by 5 percent; the district would eliminate the Food Service Director's position, with those duties being assigned to the Assistant Superintendent, and elimate the Athletic Director stipend of five thousand dollars, the Assistant Principal would then become the district's new athletic director. According to Hacke, his proposal would be a reduction of over one hundred and four thousand dollars, or close to ten percent of the administrative costs.

Superintendent David Powell gave his proposal on what positions should be cut. For the high school; he proposed cutting Consumer Life Sciences; elimiate industrial arts and combine that with AG; cut one high school Business-Computer teacher; and cut one Social Studies teacher.

In the Junior High; two positions would be cut. The libarary would be staffed by a non certified staff member. However, it was added that the certified staff member could be moved to another position.

In the Elementary School; there would be only one fourth grade teacher at Beckemeyer School; one position with the Pre K program; and the district would not replace the retiring music teaching position.

For athletics; the district would cut the supply budget to close to thirteen thousand dollars. It was also proposed to freeze the uniform budget as well. Also proposed that most transporation trips would be cut as well. Powell did add that parents, or sports boosters would have to help the district out with those trips, especially those requiring overnight stays.

The Hillsboro Board of Education then went into closed session for personel. No action took place when the board came back into open session.