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Local News

"Bath Salt" Bill Passes Unanimously

On Monday, May 23, State Representative Avery Bourne talked with WSMI News about a bill she and State Senator Andy Manar co-sponsored that would make the sale of the synthetic drug, commonly known as "bath salts," a class three felony.

On Tuesday, May 24, the bill passed unanimously in the Illinois house and now moves on to the governor for his signature.

These synthetic drugs, classified as cathinones, are highly intoxicating and unpredicatble in their effects. The drugs are being sold under the disguise of bath salts, plant food, and jewelry cleaner and were technically legal until 2011.

Under this proposal, a retailer convicted of selling bath salts can have their retail license revoked and guilty offenders can be charged with a class three felony. A person caught selling or offering the sale of bath salts would be subject to a maximum one hundred fifty dollar fine if the bill is signed into law by the governor.