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Local News

Taylor Springs Pair Arrested for Domestic Battery

A pair of Taylor Springs residents were arrested for Domestic Battery on Friday evening.

According to the Taylor Springs Police Department, Elizabeth Chesney and Lance Hampton were each arrested for Domestic Battery after authorities were dispatched to a residence on Water Street in Taylor Springs at approximately 10:11 p.m. Friday.

According to the police report, Officer Warren Hall arrived at the residence and observed broken window glass all over the porch and jagged glass still in the window with a great deal of blood on the glass, as well as drops of blood all over the front porch.

When Hall entered the residence, Chesney, 41, stated that her boyfriend, Lance Hampton, grabbed her by the throat and threw her up against the wall. Officer Hall told Montgomery County Sheriff's deputies and the Hillsboro Police, who were in route to the scene, to be on the lookout for Hampton, 52, who was missing and bleeding heavily after Chesney's cousin pushed him into a window.

Montgomery County Sheriff's deputies and Hillsboro Police officers found Hampton a block from the residence on Bell Street. Officers stated that Hampton smelled of alcohol and had glass in both arms. They were also informed by a witness that Chesney started the altercation in their garage. The witness said that Chesney hit Hampton in the head twice and then Hampton left.

Both Chesney and Hampton were taken to the Montgomery County Jail on charges of Domestic Battery.