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Local News

Council Awards Bid for Mowing

Members of the Litchfield City Council approved a two-year contract with a company for mowing and trimming services during their meeting on Thursday, Apr. 4.

The council awarded a bid to Precision Lawn Mowing for mowing and maintenance of various city-owned derelict properties around the community. The bid is for $4,100 per week for a total of 29 times during the season.

According to City Administrator Tonya Flannery, Precision Lawn Mowing submitted the only bid for the project, and they agreed to hold the amount if the city agreed to a two-year contract. The council agreed and the motion passed, 8-0.

The council also agreed to renew health insurance coverage for city employees through Blue Cross Blue Shield. Shannon Hall from Scheller Insurance told the council members that rates will see an increase of seven percent. She said they were initially going to increase 17 percent, but she was able to reduce the increase after negotiation.

Employees will have a choice in the amount of their monthly premium, ranging from $6 a month to $219 per month. According to Hall, those plans would normally cost between $500 and $700 per month if employees were to purchase them on their own.

Hall also said that Scheller was recently acquired by the Diamond Brothers Insurance Agency. While the name may change, she said that nothing else would.

The next Litchfield City Council meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Apr. 18, at 6:30 p.m.