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Local News

A Decision Day Could Be Looming for Corner Block Building

It doesn’t always happen at year’s end but the Hillsboro Planning Commission certainly wasn’t mailing it in during last week’s meeting.  They took on some pretty weighty topics, including the fate of the Corner Block Building on Main.  It was learned the building’s owner is seeking a bench trail after he was informed abatement requirements weren’t met by the deadline.  That court date is January 13th.  City Planner Jonathan Weyer says there are potential buyers for the local landmark and the current owners can reach out to city hall if they have a change of heart and decide to sell.  Progress is also being reported toward construction of a third screen for the Orpheum Theater at the building next door.  The commission is also looking at long term issues, starting the conversation about preparing for the coming rise of electric cars and trucks in the area.  Mayor Don Downs says at this point, the choices for charging stations should be on Main Street or off street parking lots.