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Local News

Coin Flip Determines New Montgomery County Board Chairman, Doug Donaldson Wins Flip and is New Chairman

Sometimes a quarter is more powerful than a mere 25 cents. Last night’s Montgomery County Board reorganizational meeting offered some sports like drama... call it a matter of overtime, extra innings, sudden death.  The effort to elect the county board chairman was deadlocked at 7 all in the first gathering of the smaller version of the Montgomery County Board.  The man who entered the night as Chairman, Evan Young, and Board member Doug Donadlson, both of District 3, both received seven votes. That forced a flip of the coin to determine the winner.   Because he had more votes on Election Day, Young got to call heads or tails, Sheriff Rick Robbins handled the coin toss duties and the coin landed in favor of Donaldson.  Young was chosen as Vice Chairman in a close 8-6 vote.