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Local News

Breaking. Carlinville Funeral Home Being Investigated After Allegations of Misidentified Cremains and More

A Carlinville funeral home is under investigation by the Sangamon County Coroner and the Sangamon County Sheriff. Heinz Funeral Home/Family Care Cremations in Carlinville faces signficiant allegations regarding   the identification and treatment of human remains.  Sangamon County Coroner Jim , Allmon's office was contacted by a Springfield hospital about a body that had been in its morgue for more than a month.  Allmon said the family was rovided with what they thought were the cremated remains of their mother. Allmon had to tell the family those remains were not those of their mother and that her body was still at the hospital morgue.   After meeting with the family, Allmon said the remains they possessed were those of another Sangamon County resident.  Allman's office says their investigation  discovered numerous similar incidents   involving Heinz.  Families were told that their loved one had been cremated, that they had then been provided with remains, when in actuality, a cremation never even took place," The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations, the Carbondale Police Department and the Macoupin County Coroner have all joined the investigation. , 

There, Allmon said they discovered the remains of three people that were not in a refrigerated setting and in an advanced state of decomposition. The bodies were not able to be identified at that time.