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Local News Archives for 2015-06

Fatal Stabbing in Witt

A fatal stabbing in Witt is under investigation. According to the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, 911 received a report last night of an injured female who had been attacked. Twenty-three-year-old Kristi V. Stevens of Witt said her boyfriend, 41-year-old Richard D. Green attacked her at their residence in Witt. Stevens also said she had stabbed Green while protecting herself and her two-year-old child. Law enforcement from the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office and Nokomis Police Department responded. Stevens had multiple injuries and was transported to the Hillsboro Area Hospital. Green was found deceased at his residence. Montgomery County Coroner Rick Broaddus pronounced Green dead at approximately 8:10pm. The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, Witt Police Department, Illinois State Police Crime Scene Investigation Unit and the Montgomery County Coroner's Office are continuing to investigate. No arrests have been made at this time.Thomack 6/30/15

Freedom Fun Run Registration

The registration deadline for the 13th Annual Freedom Fun Run is Wednesday, July 1st. The race begins at 7:30am this Saturday at Lake Lou Yaeger's Picnic Area 3. The course includes two water stops and a course marshal at each intersection. New this year, the race will be electronically timed by M&M Multisport Club. Litchfield Tourism Coordinator Sarah Waggoner says the race is a 5k run or walk.

"(I) definitely encourage individuals of most ages to come out - From young to old, there's definitely something for you. It should be a fun way to start Independence Day. We are allowing some open time in the morning around 7 o'clock for last minute (registration). The fee is slightly higher to register on that day."

Waggoner says registering by Wednesday will help with preparations and planning for things such as race bibs. The current registration fee is $20. The fee to register anytime after Wednesday will be $25. To register, go to the Visit Litchfield website here: 5k Registration Or call the Litchfield Tourism Office at 866-733-5833.
Thomack 6/30/15

Tonight's Events in Butler and Raymond

The Butler Brawl MMA fights will be tonight at the Montgomery County Fair, but the venue has changed. The Brawl will be held in the Expo Builiding tonight. Tickets are still available. Fans and Brawl participants will be under cover tonight in the Expo Building.

The Independence Day Celebration in Raymond continues tonight. Here's the revised schedule of events. The Eating Contest will be at 6:00. The Little Miss and Mr. Muscle contest begins at 6:30. The group Blend will perform at 7:30. The Junior Miss and Queen Contestants performace will be at 9:30. In case of rain, events will be moved to the American Legion Hall.

Macoupin Warrant Round Up

The Macoupin County Sherriff's Office conducted a warrant round up on Monday throughout Macoupin County.

In all, 15 individuals were arrested and taken to the Macoupin County Jail for outstanding warrants.

According to the sheriff's office, the round up was conducted from 5:00am until noon and netted individuals wanted on outstanding warrants for burglary, arson, forgery, failure to register-sex offender, possession of a controlled substance and traffic violations.

The Macoupin County Sheriff's Office was assited by Carlinville and Brighton police,

Alton Concert Series

Concerts featuring symphony and big band music take place over the summer in Alton. "Expressions - A Musical Experience" is the ninth annual concert series sponsored by the North Alton Godfrey Business Council. Concert Series Coordinator Zeke Jabusch says the upcoming July concert features Gary Dammer and His Big Band.

"This is a 17-piece band to be accompanied by a vocalist whose name is Steve Schiniger. This band plays from years of bygone years - Glenn Miller, Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, Gene Krupa, Maynard Ferguson era. Great band - been around the St. Louis area for a number of years and has been on our concert series for probably five of the nine years that we have had the concerts. (It) has a great following and (is) a night of great music."

Other concerts in the series include the Sentimental Journey Dance Orchestra on August 12th and the St. Louis Symphony on September 9th. All concerts are free to attend. The July 8th concert begins at 7pm at the Alton High School Performing Arts Center, 4200 Humbert Road.
Thomack 6/23/15

Workforce Skills Classes

A workforce skills class takes place over the summer. The University of Illinois Extension recently partnered with the Montgomery County Health Department for a workforce development program. The program focuses on certain life skills such as resume building and how to dress for job interviews and the workplace. U of I Extension Community and Economic Development Educator Chris Casey says the informal classes began due to a need for education on workforce skills.

"We've just taken on the issue itself and we've tried to build it into a really solid program - something that's very informative for people. But, it comes down to, whenever you go into a job interview, people get their first impressions within the first three seconds. If you're not dressed accordingly as to what they're expecting, chances are, you may not get that job. Basically, we just want to try to lay the groundwork for individuals to be able to see that there are certain things that employers are looking for and to open that door."

Casey says with the first round of classes and mock interviews, he's already seen a positive response from the group.

"You can see it about at the end of the second class that, 'Oh we're starting to build into something,' and by the third class, we were fully engaged.
By the time that we got to the interview, the individuals that were in that class, they took on the challenge that we gave them. They dressed in their very best and to see them go through the interview process and respond (with) their well thought out answers all coming out during that interview process. It's been very positive."

To find out more about the classes, contact the Montgomery County University of Illinois Extension office at 217-532-3941.Thomack 6/17/15

Montgomery County 4-H

4-H members finish up projects this month in preparation for upcoming events at the Butler 4-H Park. Summer gives 4-Hers the opportunity to showcase projects they worked on all year. During the year, the University of Illinois Extension offers workshops and classes for the 4-H members such as painting, sewing and cooking. Montgomery County 4-H Program Coordinator Elisha Hughes says throughout the year, they're looking for people to help with 4-H.

"We are always looking for more volunteers who are willing to take time to lead a meeting or to share their expertise on something. We have kids with lots of interests and we just need the people to teach."

For more information on 4-H or volunteering, contact the University of Illinois Montgomery County Extension office at 217-532-3941 or go to their website: Montgomery County 4-H
Thomack 6/15/15

WSMI founder passes away at 91

Hayward Talley, founder and longtime president of WSMI Radio, passed away Wednesday at the age of 91. Mr. Talley was born in Springfield on November 3, 1923 and raised in Piasa. He is survived by his wife of 64 years, Emma; their two sons, Brian and Kevin; four grandchildren, Jackie, Nick, Chandler and Anna.

Mr. Talley started WSMI AM 1540 in 1950. 50,000 watt WSMI FM 106 would sign on in 1960 with WAOX 105.3 The Ox following in 1999.

Funeral Services will be held on Sunday at 2 pm at St. Timothy's United Methodist Church in Litchfield. Visitation will be on Saturday from 3-7 at the Plummer Funeral Home in Litchfield. Burial will be in Medora Cemetery.

Red Cross Hero Nominations

The American Red Cross serving south central Illinois seeks nominations for local heroes. Nominations will be accepted for the categories of Civic, Community, Healthcare, Military, Public Safety, Senior, Youth and Workplace. Nominees must either live or work in Sangamon, Christian, Logan, Menard, Macoupin, Montgomery or Shelby County. Local heroic acts must have taken place within the last 18 months to be eligible, unless the nomination is for a lifetime of service.

Trish Burnett, American Red Cross Regional Communications Director, said they look for nominations of people who do things to make their community a better place to live.

"Anything from a major heroic event, such as saving a life, down to organizing neighborhood bake sales to raise money for a cause that's important to them. Heroic things are all different paths and we're just looking for those people that are really helping others through that work."

Burnett said the hero winners will be honored at the Heroes of the Heartland Dinner at 6pm on Friday, July 24th at the Crowne Plaza in Springfield.

"We will be selecting winners from the nominations, and I hate to call them winners but those that we're going to honor, because everybody that's doing heroic things is a winner. But we will have honorees that we will recognize that evening and it's also a fundraiser for the Red Cross because we try to really be heroes in our communites too by doing good things. (There are) two different purposes with the evening but really the heroic efforts of these individuals are what we want to shine that night."

The nomination deadline is Sunday, June 14th. Nominations can be submitted online here: 2015 Heroes of the HeartlandThomack 6/8/15

Summer Heat and Exercise

The combination of summer heat and exercise often brings heat exhaustion and dehydration. Teamwork Rehab Supervisor of Rehab Services Melissa Vangiesen says to make sure you get the correct amount of water intake while exercising, you should moniter your weight.

"If you take your weight at the start of your exercise, you want to maintain that weight while you're exercising. Everybody wants to lose weight while they're exercising, I get that, but if you're doing it correctly and trying to not go crazy, you don't want to lose more than two percent of your body weight. Usually what I base that off of is if you've lost two pounds or more, you're not drinking enough. Usually that's a sign of dehydration when you're getting to that level."

Vangiesen says if you're dehydrated after exercising, to drink two cups of water for every pound you've lost. To hear the full interview with Vangiesen, click here: WSMI Forum
Thomack 5/30/15


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