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Local News Archives for 2023-11

Application Deadline Nears for Litchfield Christmas Basket Program

After months of fundraising efforts, it's time to begin shipping out for the Litchfield Christmas Basket Association.

Application forms are now available for the Litchfield Christmas Basket Association through Monday (November 27). They are open Saturday and Monday from 10 to 4.
Forms are for Litchfield residents only who are in need and are available at Hearts United, 110 North Jackson Street in Litchfield during regular business hours. 
The association, which has been in existence for over 50 years, provides wholesome food baskets to those in need thanks to generous donations from banks, businesses, organizations, and the Litchfield Community. 
Food baskets will be delivered on Saturday, December 16 between 9 AM and noon. Those receiving a basket must be home to sign for it. If the basket is not received by 12 PM, then callNancy at 217-556-9708 or Pam at 217-313-0662.

New Exhibit at Museum for Historic Society of Montgomery County, Christmas Home Tour on Sunday (11/26)

The Historical Society Museum announces that the new museum displays titled "Main St. Merchants of Montgomery County" is now complete. 

We appreciate the many people who visited the "History of Montgomery County Schools" exhibit over the past months and thank you for all of your compliments. 

The new display showcases the many historic Main Street businesses of the past. Photos, artifacts, items given to patrons by businesses, documents, advertisements etc. Many items have never been seen before by most folks. We also have over 200 historic photos that roll every 10 seconds on the big screen t.v. 

The display cases are full and the walls are covered in historic photos from every community in Montgomery County.  

Have you ever heard of or seen photos of the General Store in Esther, Illinois in East Fork Township? Yes, I said Esther. How about the opera houses in Fillmore or Panama? Ever hear of the Manhattan Beer Company in 1800's Litchfield (we have the bottles to prove it) or Gees Tavern in Raymond? Medicine bottles from early county pharmacies or soda bottles from the 1880's and hundreds of other great items to see. 

The museum located behind the Harkey House will be open this Saturday, November 25 (extended hours of 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. during the "Small Town Christmas" festivities) and on Sunday from noon to 4:00 p.m. for our Christmas home tour then back to normal hours on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 


Here are the homes available for tour from 1 to 4

Blackman Evans Home 904 S Main 

Whitledge Kennedy House 215 S Broad 

The Historic Red Rooster 128 E Seward 

Historic Harkey House 305 S Broad 

Cozello Zimmer House 276 Miller Branch Trail 

$17 in advance $20 day of tour 

Officer Involved Shooting at Carlinville Area Hospital

There's word of an officer involved shooting at Carlinville Area Hospital.   In the Sunday evening incident around 6:15 pm, the suspect was shot in the hospital parking lot and suffered life threatening injuries.  State Police are investigating.  A Carlinville police officer reportedly shot a suspect who allegedly first pointed a gun at them.  The suspect was driving a vehicle that was reported stolen.   The officer was not injured. 

Bremer Membership Campaign Underway


The Stewards of Bremer Sanctuary are surprised at the number of hikers, picnickers, photographers and families that have taken advantage of our beautiful grounds in this past year. Our trail monitoring system tells us that our trails held more walkers, joggers, nature enthusiasts and families pushing strollers or pulling wagons than in past years. Local photographers can always find the perfect spot for family photos in any season. The sanctuary takes pride in their pristinely mowed trails and boasts about our two viewing platforms, covered foot bridge and shady picnic pavilion. Many acres of prairie wildflowers and quiet woodlands are only part of our on-going restoration projects which provide a remarkable habitat for wildlife. Programs, educational workshops and events are currently being planned for 2024.
The H & B Bremer Wildlife Sanctuary was donated in 1977 to the Illinois Audubon Society, a not-for- profit organization, by sisters Helen & Betty Bremer. Our chapter, Hickory Hills, was formed in 1980 and is funded solely through budgeted items submitted to IAS, grants, donations, memberships and volunteer efforts.
The 203-acre sanctuary is open to the public from dawn till dusk, 365 days a year, and while we don’t require membership to enjoy our property, if you appreciate all our hard work, why not join to support our efforts? We offer two types of membership, Illinois Audubon Society and a “Friend of Bremer”. The Illinois
Audubon Society was organized as an independent, statewide, educational and scientific organization, incorporated April 10, 1897 by the State of Illinois. They are the oldest nonprofit, conservation organization in
Illinois. Our mission is “to promote the perpetuation and appreciation of native flora and fauna of Illinois and the habitats that support them.”
A basic Illinois Audubon Society membership starts at $25 per year and you can designate Hickory Hills Chapter for an additional $10.00, that way you will also receive all of Bremer newsletters and event invitations.
IAS Members will receive quarterly issues of Illinois Audubon magazine and invitations to many statewide field trips. Dues are paid directly to Illinois Audubon and dues reminders are mailed from them as well. You may find membership information on the Illinois Audubon website,
 A “Friend of Bremer” is a membership to receive all of the sanctuary’s e-versions of our quarterly newsletter, invitations to our events and programs. A “Friend” is not eligible to hold an office or have voting
power in the chapter. A fee of $10.00 is due each January and should be sent to: Hickory Hills Chapter, P.O.
Box 395, Hillsboro, IL 62049. Please provide an email with payment in order to receive correspondence. Bremer Sanctuary is located one-half mile north of the Montgomery County Courthouse in Hillsboro,  Illinois.  194 Bremer Lane, Hillsboro, IL is the physical address, (we do not accept mail with this address, please use P. O. Box 395, Hillsboro).  The sanctuary is owned by the Illinois Audubon Society and operated by the volunteers of Bremer.   We are always looking for new volunteers to assist in various aspects at the sanctuary and donations are welcome! You can contact us by messaging our Facebook page; Bremer Sanctuary, Hickory Hills Chapter of the Illinois Audubon Society or our website at

Montgomery County Cancer Association Gives a Boost to St Francis Cancer Care Center

The Montgomery County Cancer Association (MCCA) recently presented a $10,000 donation to HSHS St. Francis Hospital for their Cancer Care Center. 


St. Francis Hospital President and CEO Jim Timpe expressed his appreciation for the contribution, saying, “This most generous donation from MCCA is particularly meaningful to us as we prepare to double the size of our cancer center. The expansion will allow us to offer additional services to more people while improving their quality of life by providing this important health care service close to home without the burden of traveling during their illness.” 


The hospital’s Cancer Care Center offers chemotherapy and infusion services five days a week, with services provided by a dedicated team of oncologists and caring colleagues.  


Linda Klotz, president of MCCA, credited the group’s fundraising efforts and the many hard-working volunteers for the generous donation. Klotz and Paula Endress, director of philanthropy for St. Francis Hospital, gave special tribute to Pat Cailey, a longtime colleague of St. Francis Hospital and treasurer of MCCA, who recently passed away. “Pat, along with the many dedicated volunteers of MCCA, have always been so supportive of our efforts as we are of theirs. We are so grateful for all they do for our community,” shared Endress. 



Ameren Urges You to Ask Fast if you Smell Gas

Jake Dukett is a public awareness supervisor for Ameren Illinois. He has been a guest before. Jake is going to share some valuable safety tips around natural gas. He is also an assistant volunteer fire chief in Sherman, Illinois.


Q. What steps should you take if you smell natural gas in your home or business?


A. If you catch any scent of natural gas inside your home, leave the premises immediately and call Ameren Illinois at 800-755-5000.

Crews will respond at any hour of the day, seven days per-week. Additionally, there is zero customer charge for responding to a gas leak.

Average response time for reports of a natural gas leak is about 22 minutes.


Q. Is it true that natural gas is odorless and colorless?

A. Yes. Natural gas is odorless and colorless, but Ameren Illinois adds an odorant – mercaptan - to create the distinctive rotten egg smell. This makes it easier to identify and detect leaking gas.


Q. Is it true if the natural gas flame isn't a sharp blue color, there could be an issue with natural gas in your home?


A. Yes. The natural gas flame should be a sharp blue color. If it is orange, yellow or looks sloppy, that is a warning sign and is a sign of carbon monoxide.


Q. If you smell natural gas, why is it important not to open any windows before leaving your premises?




Q. What should you do if you see a leak outside of your premises?




Q. Let's say the customer or business owner has left their premises. What steps does Ameren take when responding to a natural leak?




Q. After checking the gas meter, what additional safety steps does Ameren take outside of the home?




Q. How much does it cost a customer for Ameren to come to your home or business, if you have called in a natural gas leak?



Q. Can you give us any tips to prevent a gas leak?


A. Have your natural gas furnace and other appliances inspected annually by a qualified contractor. This way you can be certain everything is operating both safely and in an energy efficient manner.


If purchasing new natural gas appliances, ensure they are high quality and ENERGY STAR certified.


Never use a gas oven or range top as a space heater.


Avoid storing flammable products such as paint stripper, fabric softener or salt bags in close proximity of your natural gas water heater or furnace.


Always call 8-1-1 (J.U.L.I.E) before conducting any projects that require digging. This will help prevent underground facility damage and potentially dangerous situations.


Customers should add Ameren Illinois to their cell phone contact list, 800-755-5000.


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